More Course Announcements!

In addition to the recently announce Ag Rescue HOT class, ARS is proud to post two more open enrollment opportunities!

We will be hosting an Advanced Rope Rescue Tech class in Indianapolis on Aug 8-12. This course will build on the fundamental skills acquired in the IDHS rope rescue technician class and will allow the students to spend the extra time learning, and more importantly, understanding complex systems and rope rescue techniques. This class has very little ‘classroom’ time as all the learning is spent hands on. Please check out the flyer for more info.

After that we will be hosting a Tower Rescue Tech class, also in Indianapolis from Aug 30 to Sept 2. This four day class will meet all of the requirements for OSHA and ANSI in tower and antenna climbing, access and rescue work. Students will get the opportunity to climb a variety of towers and participate in multiple rescue scenarios. While this is a rescue course, it also meets the needs of OSHA competent climber and is a fantastic refresher course for previously trained technicians. Here is the flyer for this class.

As always, ARS will provide any of our course catalog at your location but if you are looking for a specific course, just let us know. If we have enough inquiries, we will host an open class just like these.
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