Busy Spring!

It’s taken a while to update but that’s due to a very busy spring unfolding for ARS. If you follow our FaceBook page you’ll know that FDIC was a fantastic time for all of us and the 160 students that attended the Heavy Vehicle Extrication H.O.T. class. FDIC is always a great experience but this year was far busier than any in the past. We met a bunch of great rescuers from across the USA and Canada and we learned right along with everyone else. You can’t help but learn something new at FDIC, a fantastic resource for all of us.

Along with the busy class time, we also had the great opportunity to film several segments for the Fire Engineering Training Minute series. The Heavy Truck series will begin in July and should appear through December, highlighting several of the components of our Semi Extrication course. Check www.fireengineering.com for more.

We wrapped up another great week with Sugar Creek Twp. last week as they finished their Trench Technician class. See the photo below from their Ops class and a link to a newspaper article that highlights that fantastic team.

We have many classes coming up and will try to post open spots in those as often as possible. We are hosting the open enrollment Rope Tech class here in Indy in June and we will follow that with an Advanced Rope Course and possibly a Tower Rescue Course this summer or fall. Also, we are developing an Ag Rescue Weekend course for late summer - watch for more info on this soon!

Sugar Creek Trench Article

Trench Ops Class Photo
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