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When considering a training agency the best way to find out how good they are is to ask their previous students. ARS has a very high rate of return, often assisting agencies with certification in the entire NFPA career path, from Awareness to Technician in all disciplines. ARS also has developed a strong relationship with many Midwest industrial firms to meet their annual recurring OSHA qualification needs. We maintain a 5.0 review rating on FaceBook and consistently score perfect marks on our FDIC HOT reviews. Take a look at some of the things students have told us in their course evaluations:

"Fantastic class, Information put together nicely, Very Helpful" - Ag Rescue

"I have worked with dozens of training professionals. I must say this group is best in class. Nice Job! Highly recommend!" - Industrial Confined Space

"Great course with very helpful and very knowledgable instructors" - Heavy Extrication

"I'd like to thank all the guys at Advanced Rescue Solutions for another great training. Looking forward to the next one." - Rope Rescue

"Course was done well and things were taught in a way that helped understand the principals" - Heavy Extrication

"Great job helping the guys that knew very little!" - Tower Rescue

"Great class. The most hands on class I've have in a long time!" - Tower Rescue

"Very Impressed! Thank you for your knowledge and patience." - Rope Ops/Tech

"I think you have a wealth of knowledge and you , extremely helpful in learning special techniques vehicle extrication for any type of special rescue" - Vehicle Extrication

A few of our clients are listed below. We have a 95% return rate on customers, which is fairly exceptional in the technical rescue training industry.

ARS Customers
ARS Fire Rescue