Confined Space

Confined Space emergencies continue to plague the fire service, despite many attempts at providing awareness to all levels of responders. Research has shown that many agencies fail to recognize the number of confined spaces and permit spaces they have in their response area. Additionally, many small contractors enter confined spaces without realizing the danger or notifying anyone of the entry. Most departments also cover numerous grain bin sites, a notorious confined space potential. Industrially, many on-site teams may not realize that they are the only team within many miles of their site. Keeping that team proficient and compliant with industry laws, standards and best practices is critical.

Confined space operations, confined space technician

Confined Space

The Confined Space Rescue Operations & Technician courses are designed to provide rescuers with the operational knowledge, skills and abilities to perform rescue in confined spaces using the proper PPE to enter and perform rescue.  Techniques include; entry procedures to gaining access, packaging and removing victims that are not visible from the entry point. Evolutions including high-angle rope systems and machinery rescue skills for complex rescues. Preplanning confined space rescue operations will also be addressed. This course meets and exceeds NFPA 1670 for technician level confined space rescue as well as OSHA 1910.146.

OSHA Confined Space

Intended for general industry, this course will give each student the knowledge and understanding of the OSHA standards for Confined Space Entry. Students will be taught how to classify and declassify spaces, as well as components of a permit required confined space program. Particular attention will be given to responsibilities of the entry supervisor, authorized entrant, and attendant while meeting the intent of the "Competent Person". Lock out - tag out procedures, entry permits and emergency non-entry rescue procedures will also be covered.

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