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Great Reviews!

Forgive the brief shameless self-promotion but the reviews are in from FDIC and they really key in on one of our core principals. 


 “Awesome out of the box thinking”

 “Excellent class covered a lot of practical evolutions”

 “Good variety of tools, excellent variety of instructors”

These are all great indicators and it helps us see that we’re actually meeting our mission of providing unmatched training with a broad approach to all aspects. We saw a 98% “Excellent” rating in all categories and no negative comments or bad ratings. But that’s not what made us smile the most. It was this one: 

 “None claimed that their way was ‘the best way’, which was very refreshing”

That’s really what we’re all about. We know that students rarely see something they’ve never seen before, though it is cool when that happens!  And sadly, they often hear the words “Always” and “Never”. We try to avoid those words because the most important tool on any fireground or rescue scene is the human brain. We don’t train robots at ARS, we train rescuers. Rescue is the science of alternatives and we’re just trying to expose students to a few of those alternatives that we know. Trust me, we learn from the students at FDIC too!

Already excited for next year, always a great experience. Thanks for the feedback!