ARS currently has 19 instructors in the cadre, with several decades of fire service and technical rescue experience.  Our instructors are currently employed at the following fire departments: City of Indianapolis, Wayne Twp Marion County, City of Fishers, Pike Township Marion County, Plainfield, Avon, Westfield, Jeffersonville and Whitestown.  Several of our instructors are contributors to multiple fire trade journals and ARS is frequently highlighted in Fire Engineering's Training Minutes for the Heavy Extrication series.

Todd Taylor, Battalion Chief - Todd has been in the fire service for over 30 years. He is currently assigned as the Battalion Chief on A-Shift with the Wayne Township Fire Department.  Todd is also a Rescue Team Member with FEMA INTF-1, the lead instructor of the FDIC Heavy Truck Extrication cadre, and the Chief Officer of Advanced Rescue Solutions LLC.  Todd was instrumental in the founding and startup of the Fishers Fire Department Technical Rescue Team in 1995 and has been involved in all types of technical rescue for over 25 years.

Clinton Crafton, Battalion Chief - Clinton is a Deputy Chief of Operations with the Town of Whitestown Fire Department.  Clinton retired form the Fishers Fire Department after 22 years of service where led the dive rescue team and filled the role of Special Operations Coordinator for the department.  Clinton has been heavily involved in all types of technical rescue since 1995.  In addition to teaching technical rescue, Clinton is a Rescue Team Leader with FEMA USAR INTF1, and a Public Safety Dive Instructor for Dive Rescue International.  Clinton is also the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Whitestown, Indiana Fire Department, where he works on his off shift days from Fishers.

Shawn Grass, Battalion Chief - Shawn currently is a Battalion Chief with the Indianapolis Fire Department. He previously served as the Chief of Training for the Warren Twp. Fire Dept. in Indianapolis, Indiana for 8 yrs before merging with Indianapolis. Shawn is a 26 year member of the fire service that has instructed at both FDIC East and West in Truck Company operations and Flashover. He has instructed Flashover at FDIC in Indianapolis for the last 15 yrs and is currently the Co-Lead Instructor. He has also taught at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore and Firehouse World in San Diego. Shawn is an adjunct instructor at Ivy Tech College where he has taught the Firefighter I/II program for the last 14 years.

Eric Mohr, Captain - Eric Mohr is a 24 year veteran of the fire service and 11 years at Fishers Fire Department of which 11 in the position of Captain. Eric is actively involved in training shift personnel and regional personnel for technical rescue. Eric owns and manages a large acreage farm in Central Indiana. On the farm he maintains and operates numerous tractors and implements, including 3 semi tractor-trailer units. Capt. Mohr is responsible for all the maintenance an operation of the semis, this gives him some extensive knowledge on the in and outs of tractor-trailer combinations as well as farm rescue.  

Todd Muth, Battalion Chief - Todd Muth is a 17 year member of the Fishers Fire Department. He is the A shift Battalion Chief.  He is a Public Safety Scuba Instructor and a Dive Rescue Trainer. Todd has been a member of the Hamilton County Rescue Task Force since 2001 and a member of INTF1 since 2012.  Todd also serves as a shift training officer for Fishers Fire Department.

Greg Smith, Lieutenant - Greg  is a 29-year veteran the fire service. He has spent the past 22 years with the Fishers, Indiana Fire Department. Greg is currently a Lieutenant assigned to a Ladder Company on the A shift.   Greg is a rescue diver and member of the departments CRT team.  He has been an active instructor for recruit academies and area fire departments for over 15 years. Greg also works on a large Central Indiana Grain farm. 

Steve White, Battalion Chief - Steve is a 24 year veteran of with the City of Fishers (Indiana) Fire Department, serving as the B shift Battalion Chief. Under the direction of the Hamilton County Fire Chief’s he serves at the Team Leader for the Hamilton County Technical Rescue Team. He is a member of the FDIC Heavy Truck Extrication HOT class instructor cadre, classroom presenter, and contributor to Fire Engineering’s “Training Minutes” training videos.  Steve was instrumental in the development of the Fishers Fire Technical Rescue Team and has been instructing technical rescue since the teams inception.

Gerald George, Assistant Chief - Gerald is a long standing icon in the technical rescue community in the midwest, beginning his fire service career in 1977.  Gerald is currently the Assistant Chief with Washington Township / Avon Fire Department in Hendricks County, Indiana.  Gerald was most recently the Fire Chief for the Pike Township, Indianapolis fire department until he retired in 2013. In 1990 he was tasked with starting the Pike Township technical rescue team and bringing all of the agencies members up to the technician level in special rescue.  Gerald is a Task Force Leader with FEMA INTF-1 and has been with the team since it was founded in 1988.  He also serves as a FEMA IST member and has been deployed to more than 10 federal disasters, including Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Center collapse.  As the Technical Rescue Chair for the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association he has overseen the development of technical rescue training and typing for the State of Indiana.

David Owens, Battalion Chief - David is a 27 year veteran of the Indianapolis Fire Department and current serves as a Battalion Chief assigned as BC4 on the C Shift. He has been actively involved with the IFD Technical Rescue Teams for most of his career and holds technician level certifications in rope, structural collapse, trench, confined space, swift water, vehicle & machinery and hazmat. He currently sits on the Fire Engineering Magazine/FDIC Advisory Board. David is also a Dive Rescue International and a director for the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists.

Rush Shoaf

Russ Shoaf, Training Chief -  Starting his career in the United States Air Force in 1975, Chief Shoaf served 7 years in the Air Force and was then hired by Pike Township Fire Department in Indianapolis in 1982.  Chief Shoaf served in all ranks of the department, concluding with Deputy Chief of Emergency Operations from 2007 to 2013. Chief Shoaf retired from Pike Township as Deputy Chief in 2013, and is currently serving as the Training Chief for Westfield Fire Department, Westfield IN.  Chief Shoaf has been an active member of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue/Indiana Task Force One since its inception serving in various positions including Rescue Manager and Safety Officer. He served as Squad Leader in the task force’s deployment to the World Trade Center and also served as Safety Officer during Hurricane Katrina. Chief Shoaf is a Certified FEMA Instructor; Indiana State Certified Instructor and has been an Adjunct Instructor for the National Fire Academy. 

Eric Bannister, Lieutenant - Eric has been in the fire service for over 15 years.  Eric is a Lieutenant with the Wayne Township Fire Department, assigned to Battalion 8  Station 83 on ‘A’ Shift.

Joey Beikes, Captain - Joey has been with the Plainfield Fire Territory for 17 years, where he currently serves as a Captain on Ladder 121 on A shift. He is also a 11 year member of Indiana Taskk Force One, serving as a Rescue Specialist and a Heavy Rigger.


Pedro Caceres, Captain - is a captain with the Wayne Township (IN) Fire Department, having begun his career there just over 20 years ago. He has been a lead instructor for the Wayne Township Fire Department and the Central Indiana Fire Academy (CIFA). He was the CIFA director in 2008. Beginning in 2009, he served as the Division Chief of Support Services for one year and then as served as Division Chief of Training and Safety for two years. After three years of service with the administrative staff, he returned to the companies and his merit rank of Captain. He is currently assigned to Engine 82. Captain Cáceres is a member of the Indiana Task Force One (INTF-1) team as a rescue officer. He has recently completed the Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) at the National Fire Academy (2013). He has an Associates of Fire Science degree from Ivy Tech State College. Previous to that he earned a bachelor of architecture degree and a bachelor of environmental design degree, both from Ball State University (1992)

Josh Thompson, Firefighter - Josh is a 20 year veteran of the fire service with 3 departments. He currently serves the City of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Throughout his career he has served as a Firefighter, Driver, Company Officer, Instructor, Battalion Chief, and Deputy Chief of Training and Operations. Josh is also a member of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 9 Task Force and Incident Management Team

Greg Williams, Lieutenant - Greg is a 14 year veteran of the fire service.  He currently serves as a Lieutenant on Ladder 121 C Shift at Plainfield Fire Territory.  He has been a member of Indiana Task Force One for 4 years.  He has been involved in water rescue for 12 years and more recently involved in all types of technical rescue.