Rope Rescue

All ARS Rope courses are designed to appeal to both seasoned rope rescuers as well as new inductees into the rescue community. Custom courses can be contracted for any level of experience and for specific industrial applications. Each class will be tailored to meet your needs, and your specific protocol. We understand that not every agency practices rope rescue the same way, we will introduce options and work with the students in the methods that meet your agency's needs and their comfort.

Rope Ops / Tech

The Rope Ops / Tech course covers start to finish rope rescue operations. It will meet the needs of both the new rescuer and the seasoned rope technician, refining existing KSAs and introducing new ones.  Areas of particular focus will be rope physics, mechanical advantage theory and practical application, complex systems and resource management. Students will begin with the basics and work their way up to meeting all of the requirements for NFPA and all current industry standards.

Industrial rope rescue and access shares many of the same standards as Fire Rescue but not all of the same missions. Additionally, there are many industry concerns beyond NFPA including ANSI and OSHA. Each Industrial Rope course will be tailored to your needs and application.

Tower Rescue

The ARS tower programs are designed to provide training to all levels of students. For the industrial side, the Competent Climber program meets the needs of CTC requirements. With a focus on wind turbines, this fast growing segment of construction can be better served through our CTC training. 
In regards to Tower Rescue, the rope rescue technician will learn many new techniques as well as experience the required PPE and gear for tower work. Between the cellular industry and green energy, there will be plenty of opportunities for preparedness in the rescue world.

Tower Rescue Technician

The Tower Rescue Technician course is designed to take the experienced Rope Rescue Technician to new heights. The course will briefly review the key physics and concepts from Rope Technician and then dive into the unique challenges of the elevated tower environment. This class demands high physical and mental fitness and will develop strong team development. The class will better prepare your rescue team for challenges with Antennas, Water Towers, and Wind Turbines.

OSHA Competent Climber

The Competent Climber Program is focused on equipping the student to meet the requirements of OSHA and ANSI in regard to the Competent Tower Climber (CTC). Upon completion, the student will have an understanding of the physics involved in working at heights and the limitations of the safety equipment available. The student will also have the confidence to apply himself / herself in the tower construction and repair industry. The students will work as a team to climb at least 125’, work at height, maneuver at height and perform single person emergency lowering techniques. 

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