Tower Standby

ARS provides standby services meeting all OSHA requirements for water tower entry, antenna work and any other high angle access. All of our rescuers are full time career firefighter rescuers, trained to the technician level in NFPA 1006. The majority of our rescuers are also rescue team members in the FEMA USAR system. While all of our members are trained Emergency Medical Technicians with AHA CPR certification, we can also provide licensed paramedic standby services, with equipment, on request. 

Tower rescue standby


Water Tower - Many employers fail to consider the full impact of OSHA requirements when looking at water tower maintenance. As a permit-required confined space, a water tower contains all the challenges of high angle tower work along with all the challenges of permit-entry confined space. ARS is highly qualified in both areas and can help you with standby rescue services, required by OSHA 1910.146 (k), or with planning and documenting your entry. While not an equipment dealer, ARS can also assist you in gear selection and properly equipping your workers for a high degree of safety.

High Angle Standby - ARS has many years experience teaching antenna and tower rescue in the industry. We also offer rescue standby services for antenna and tower work, bridge work and any other high angle access that your company may perform. 

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