Water Rescue

Flood rescue training, boat operations
Over the years, one constant has remained unchanged in technical rescue: Water. People will always be drawn to water for recreation and beauty,and in all seasons. In addition, as we change the landscape with development, we continue to create unforeseen flood concerns. The past decade has highlighted the extreme dangers that exist in almost every jurisdiction in the nation in regards to water environments. These course will arm the student with both knowledge and practical hands on experiences to meet these challenges in the safest and most effective manner.

Water Operations and Flood Response

The Water Rescue Operations program is focused on equipping the student with the knowledge, skills and abilities to safely operate in various types of water environments. Upon completion, the student will have an understanding of the many different types of Water Rescue Operations. These are to include, Swift Water, Flood, Lake/Quarry/Retention Pond, ice and assistance needed during Dive Operations. The students will also be instructed in the safe operations of small boats in these different types of water environment.

The Flood Rescue and Response Program is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and skills needed to respond and operate safely in a Flood environment. Upon completion the student will have an understanding of the many hazards associated with responding and operating in a flood environment. The student will understand what equipment and manpower will be necessary to respond and operate in a Flood environment. 

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